Friends… who write.

Having creative friends has been an absolute blessing during this process. They encourage me, they inspire me, they humble me.

Recently I’ve begun posting brief excerpts from Book One as I work through revisions.

Today’s blog post is just a series of screen shots of the mayhem that followed one such excerpt.


It started with the above post. My friend responded and… well, see for yourself what followed.

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Yup. Creative friends are definitely a blessing. 🙂 I’m glad for each and every one of them!



This morning I stumbled upon a self published novel that bore a name strikingly similar to that of a very famous novel and it set my wheels to turning.

My first thought was this self published author deliberately copied and tweaked the title in the hopes that people would search for the famous book and stumble on hers and possibly buy hers but I decided I don’t want to think the worst of people. Instead, maybe she just found herself influenced by the famous novel and stumbled on the title almost accidentally.

Either way, we need to be more conscious of what we’re doing, especially those who are choosing the self publishing route because there won’t be a publisher, editor and maybe even agent to double check and keep things in order.

We live in a litigation society, be careful, be smart, be conscious.

The working title for my novel has always been Dragon Wars. If you google Dragon wars you’ll discover this isn’t an original title. In fact, it’s quite common! A quick search on Amazon further confirmed that for me. I made the decision to think up a new title (and with my cousin’s help I stumbled on a title I LIKE. It’s different, it’s not something anybody else is using – currently, and it just suits the story). Yes, it was hard work but your title IS important.

Choosing a title similar to that of a popular novel CAN work to your favor. Maybe people WILL stumble on it thinking it’s the other popular novel and/or similar to… but you also run the risk of angering your readers, frustrating them and possibly scaring them off forever. Nobody likes to be tricked, and they will know that you tricked them.

Choosing a title that’s too strange can also scare readers off. AS a reader I can say this. I browse Amazon books sometimes and I bypass all the complicated titles, the odd titles, the titles with a bunch of made up words that make no sense to me. Just as the cover is important, the title is too. When I see complicated titles and/or titles with made up words my first thought is: The book will probably be just as annoying.

I’m getting off track!

Anyway, we are influenced by the world around us. It’s easy to accidentally name a character Sherry Hotter without realizing the name is a play on Harry Potter. It’s important to take a step back and look at your novel the same way a reader would.

Ask yourself;

If I saw this on Amazon would I buy it?

Would I be offended by it?

Would I be annoyed by it?

Would I think the author is trying to trick me?

The worst part of this experience, for me, is that the book by the self published author did sound kind of interesting but in the end the title was just too tricky for me. So I scrolled by.

It’s okay to be influenced by famous authors. It’s not okay to copy them.


Music Enrages the Inner Beast

I may or may not have mentioned that I am a pianist. The only trouble with my piano is that when I am on it my mind becomes like this super computer. Suddenly all these ideas are going through my head. Suddenly I AM emotion. I AM fire!!! I AM ALIVE! And I must write all the things!!!!

The only trouble is, once I stop playing, all those grand ideas flit away and I am just a deflated balloon, confused, dazed, and wondering how the hell I ended up on the roof.

Music has always ignited my passion like nothing else can, but I’ve never been talented enough, or patient enough to really make something of it. For me it’s just a past time. I have an unofficial gig as an accompanist for a local choir but I don’t like thinking of that as me having a viable skill they use, I prefer to think of it as me doing what I can to share in their joy.

I wonder if I would even enjoy having music as my full time work? I think my brain would melt from all the good feels. Or I would throw myself off the roof because of all the studying and practicing and BLAH BLAH BLAHing.

This was a random post.

Oh look, a llama!