Revisions Are a Long Process

You’ve just spent the last month or two writing your very first draft. As you write the last sentence down you sit back and go: Oh my god. It’s over. I finished it!

No, no my dear little writer, you haven’t.

This is a lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way. After writing the initial draft you begin something known as: The fifth hell of revisions. Revision hell is a dark, bleak place that is often occupied by: Deleted scenes, brand new scenes, logical inconsistencies, what the hell? Who is this character, why is he even in here, and ‘Can I go home now?’

But don’t despair. If you stick with it and push through it you’ll reach a place called: Line Editing. Line editing is, in my opinion, a kinder, softer place. Line editing fixes grammatical error, language errors and things far less frustrating than logical inconsistencies, rogue characters and deleted scenes.

The best part about line editing is that it’s often followed by: Final betas. Final betas are one of the last steps before you can say:

It’s finished.

The first draft is just the BEGINNING of writing your novel. It’s the easiest part of writing your novel. So enjoy every second and get ready for revision hell because it’s coming for you and there’s nothing you can do to escape it.