Mad Max: Fury Road Thoughts


But I had to say a few words.

I saw this movie on the weekend. I took my coworker who was unfamiliar with the Mad Max series. Before we entered the theater she asked me; “What’s Mad Max about?” And I answered; “A desert and explosions?”

Mad Max is a movie that can’t really be explained. I suppose if I HAD to choose words to describe it I would use words like; quirky, dystopian, strange, unique, amazing, strange, strange, strange, strange.

As we watched the movie she would glance over at me with wide eyes, “What’s going on?” She’d cry, but I would just laugh and shake my head.

How do you explain what’s going on in Mad Max?

Trying to explain Mad Max is a bit like trying to explain quantum physics to your best friend… who doesn’t speak English and can’t understand a word you’re saying.

How are you best friends if he doesn’t speak your language? Never mind, stop asking inconsequential questions!

One thing I can say about Mad Max: Fury Road is that not everyone will like it. In fact lots of people are going to hate it. They’ll hate it because they just won’t get it. What is there to get? There’s nothing to get and they’ll sneer and turn their noses up in scorn.

The point is that there’s no point. This isn’t a movie that hopes to philosophize or change the world or wax about love. This is a movie that just wants to blow shit up while showing us a glimpse into a world that’s completely and totally messed up.

Would men turn into Immortan Joe if the world went to shit? Probably some would.

Would women turn into Immortan Joe if the world went to shit? Probably some would.

Would men turn into Mad Max? No. There’s only one Mad Max. Shut up.

Yes, there are absolutely strong women in this film and there are also dumb women like the mothers who just sit there and let themselves be milked (I’d die before allowing that).

Yes, there are shit men in this world like Immortan Joe and the rest of the crew but there’s also Max, and he’s not a bad guy, he’s just a guy who puts survival above all else.

Oh god, I could talk all day but then I wouldn’t have time to go see it again. So I’m going to stop here.

Stop freaking out.

It’s just a movie.

Who cares if there are things feminists can relate to. Who cares if there are things that insult both sexes. Just sit back and enjoy the explosions, because really I think that’s all the filmmaker wanted us to do.



2014-12-24 21.50.31

I did it! My first round of revisions are finally complete! I’m feeling optimistic and hopeful for the future. I’ve begun work on the ‘side stories’ that I decided to write and once those are done I will dive in for another round of revisions.

This has been a long, drawn out process but I’m glad I decided to do it. There is something truly joyful about creating a world, filling it with characters and tormenting them until they beg for mercy. Ah! The joys of being a writer!

*victory dance*

Progress! 80% there. 140% to go.

2014-11-22 11.36.09

They advise you to add pictures to your blog posts to make your blog posts more appealing to a wider audience.

Essentially what they’re saying is; we’re all secretly 4-year-olds and we want the picture books!!!

So I’ve added a picture. Of a kitten. Because, you know, the internet is basically just a huge shrine to cats.

Now! On to business.

I am at a point where I have just a few chapters left before the first round of revisions are complete. My alpha reader has been pointing out things I’ve missed (she’s fantastic) and I am now super eager to go back and make those corrections but FIRST I want to finish. I need to know if the ending is as strong as I hope it is.

I think if you nail the beginning and the end, the rest is just icing in the center of an Oreo.

Is that icing?

It’s icing, right?

I have so much going on right now. Between work, social commitments and just life, I feel completely overwhelmed but somehow I still find ten-thirty minutes every day to work on this novel and I’m glad I give myself that time.

Life shouldn’t just be about serving others, stockpiling massive cash and getting by. Life should be enjoyable and I genuinely enjoy creating. I don’t enjoy revising, or polishing, or all the hard work that comes with trying to improve your writing but I DO enjoy telling my stories.

What’s this post even about?

I guess it’s just a quick post to say: Hey. I’m getting somewhere. And even though it’s hard, ‘I don’t have time’ is NEVER a legitimate excuse. 🙂 Really. MAKE time. You won’t regret it.