Plus Size Review

My order arrived!

It actually arrived last week but I can only pick up parcels on Saturdays so I had to wait all week to open it up!

I have no pictures but everything was exactly as described on the website.

I ordered all items a size larger than I normally wear and everything fit PERFECTLY. The only items that were maybe a little tight were the shoes and the hat but hats never fit me because I have an abnormally huge head (apparently).

The tracking on the website NEVER kicked in! But the package arrived so who cares.

I ordered everything November 30, 2015 and it arrived the week of December 14-19 (not sure which day because of my post office situation). It was shipped to Canada.

The items are fair quality. Sure, they don’t feel like $50 clothes but that’s because they aren’t $50 clothes! LOL!

My biggest complaint is actually with the leggings but I KNEW those would be a problem. They were supposed to be full leg length but unfortunately I am abnormally tall for a fat girl (according to all plus sized stores EVERYWHERE) so they became knee length leggings instead of full length leggings but that works too. I mainly wanted them to wear under dresses and/or tunic shirts so they only need to be knee length.

Now I just have to wait for Sammydress and 10dollarmall!

PS: I might post some pictures later. 🙂

Advertisements, and

We’ve all seen the adverts, they pop up randomly on Facebook all the time. Super cute dresses! Super cheap prices! It all seems too good to be true, and maybe it is?

As a plus size girl it isn’t always easy for me to find cute clothes and to top it off when I do they’re always the price of my car so I can’t afford them even if I want them… so when these little sites pop up in my newsfeed I get excited! Cute clothes! Plus size! AND CHEAP? Yes, gimme, please.

But if I’ve learned one thing in my 30+ years of life it’s that when things seem too good to be true, they usually are.

Still, I decided to make a small order from each site to test the waters.


November 30, 2015

I ordered a top, pants, sweater, shoes and hat from All for less than $50! Taking the advice of others who have shopped there I ordered everything one size larger than I would normally wear.

Order was placed November 30th, 2015. Tracking number was delivered two days later (whereupon I received a notice saying my order was shipped).

Nearly two weeks later the tracking number does not work (on their own tracking site) and I continually receive the information that the tracking site is ‘waiting for information’.

I am left to wonder if it truly shipped or if they just marked it shipped to make themselves look good. Surely it doesn’t take this long for a tracking number to load???



December 11, 2015

I ordered a wallet and purse from I was FAR more hesitant to try this company as they have HORRIBLE reviews, so I kept it really simple and really cheap ($15).

The very next day I received a notice saying my order had shipped (faster than I expected!).

Now for the weird part. The items are shipping from China (according to the site) BUT by Netherlands Post??? And the tracking number (not surprising) doesn’t work.


December 9, 2015

I ordered a shirt, dress and pants from A $40 order. Received notification of shipment the day after but as with the others the tracking number does not work.


Just as a side note 10DollarMall and ModDeals have the EXACT same website design so I’m pretty convinced they’re the same company with different names. Curious.

In the coming weeks (or months) I will update you on my packages as they arrive, as well as give you an update on the items. I’ve heard horror stories of these orders taking up to six months to arrive! So it might be a long wait. LOL.

There are plenty of youtube videos about all these products but sometimes I wonder if the people in the videos weren’t paid to talk the companies up. Hah! So I had to try for myself.

Right! Stay tuned!