Indie vs. Traditional Publishing



The more I research the publishing industry as a whole, the more I see that traditional publishing is not necessarily the best path for all writers and, conversely, Indie publishing is not the best path for all writers.

How do you decide which path is the best for you?

I think traditional publishing has its place and I have HUGE respect for traditional publishers. Definitely try querying and approaching traditional venues before you make a decision as to whether you want to go it alone or pursue this path.

Indie publishing is a hard, hard world. As an Indie publisher you are responsible for your own editing, your own cover art, your own marketing… and there’s so much to consider as you stumble down that path. Cover art, especially, can be a path that can lead to legal complications. And if you can’t figure out how to market your work, you aren’t going to sell anything.

The thing is, I can’t tell you which path is the best route for YOU. I don’t know what your personal goals are, I don’t know your skill level… but what I can say is that whatever path you choose you need to RESEARCH.

Research is the single most important thing any author can do, whether they are choosing traditional or non-traditional publishing methods.

There are a ton of scammers out there who want to steal your hard-earned cash. There are tons of pitfalls and quicksand pits that you need to stay away from.

Hopefully in future I can point some of these out but in the meantime, RESEARCH. Ask questions, read magazines dedicated to writers, marry yourself to websites like Writer’s Beware. Learn the ins and outs of both industries. Protect yourself and your work.

And after all that, remember to take pride in what you’ve done. Make sure it is the best writing you have ever managed to wring together. Don’t give it to the world (traditional publisher OR self publishing it) until it shines so bright anyone who reads it is blinded by its brilliance. To do anything less is to do yourself and your readers a disservice.

That’s my thought of the day.

Keep writing!

Keep reading!

Keep doing what it is you love to do!

The only one who can stop you, is you.



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