The Little Engine That Couldn’t Get Out of Bed


I have always been sad. From as far back as I can remember. The sadness that envelopes me is like a heavy blanket that weighs me down and makes me want to quit. I can function, I can push through it and keep moving forward, but it’s always there tugging on my shoulders.

I can’t speak about clinical depression but if you too are sad, I have some advice for you.




For me the key to overcoming sad has been to simply refuse to give it power.

The sad in me tells me I will fail. I ignore it and do the thing anyway.

The sad in me tells me my life will always be bleak. I strive for better anyway.

The sad in me tells me that everyone hates me. I love people with all my strength. If they won’t love me, I will love them.

The sad in me tells me everything I do is pointless and stupid. I tell the sad to get a life and keep doing the things.

No matter how the sad pulls and tears and rips apart at the core of me, I keep moving. It’s when I stop moving, even for a second, that the sad takes hold and I find myself sinking away into isolation and deeper sad.

The sad is like an undercurrent in life. As you swim, it’s there, ready to pull you under and drown you if you let it. So don’t let it.



Don’t ever listen to the sad. It’s lying to you. You CAN do the thing. You ARE loved. You WILL carve a life that makes you happy. You WILL succeed. The sad can’t stop you if you don’t let it.

My second piece of advice is… bring other people joy.

The single most effective way I’ve found of combating the sad, is to become joy for someone else. It can be cracking a joke, giving a hug, laughing, smiling, being kind … just small things that make other people’s days brighter.

Do you wonder why most comedians suffer from depression? You shouldn’t. Bringing joy to someone else counteracts the sad. It’s a coping mechanism, but it’s also my way of trying to stop the sad from consuming others.

If I can help someone else battle the sad, then I’ve accomplished something.

Strive to make yourself happy too, but don’t shy away from being a light for someone else.

My final piece of advice is…

You are worth it.

You’re worth all the stress of combating sad.

You’re worth all the tears of combating sad.

You’re worth all the struggles in the world.

Don’t ever give up on you.

Fight for you.

Don’t ever let sad win this battle.


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