ZOO – TV Show Review (episodes 1-2)

If you follow me on Goodreads you already know my thoughts on the novel that inspired this TV series.

All in all, Zoo is a good premise but in the book, at least, it was executed poorly. I was hopeful for the TV series because things that are glaring in written word can sometimes be less obnoxious on television.

Unfortunately, two episodes in and I already found myself questioning and rolling my eyes more than I should have for a story of this type.

For me, with stories like this, the key is realism. If I don’t feel like this could ACTUALLY happen, I can’t enjoy it. Having characters that make questionable decisions is one thing, having things happen that simply couldn’t happen is another.

I don’t want this review to have spoilers, so I’m not going to specifically name the moments that made me roll my eyes and go: Riiiiiiight. Instead, I’ll let you either find or not find those elements for yourself.

Without the eye rolling I would probably enjoy Zoo. I think the premise is interesting and entertaining. The suspense is very well paced.

It’s just those dang eye rolls… they get me every time.

All in all I WOULD tell people to give this one a try but just know if you’re like me you’ll probably be too annoyed to really get into it.



Why You Should NEVER ask the KDP Community for Help

If you’re unfamiliar with what the KDP community, it is the place where Amazon Authors congregate to ask for assistance with Amazon’s features. There is also a place where you can ask for formatting assistance.

My word program, unfortunately, is crazy about quotation marks. It sends them every which direction at will. Search/replace does not work to fix this issue so I went to the KDP community to ask for assistance.

My initial post explained my problem, along with a screenshot (I didn’t know which version of Word I was running and so posted my menu in hopes they would be able to identify which version of Word it was via the toolbar).

The first reply was some rude person pointing out that they can’t help if they don’t know what version of Word I’m running. I CLEARLY stated I didn’t know, along with a toolbar screenshot. When this was pointed out (or repeated, I suppose) they continued snarking at me about how EASY it is to check what version it is and BLAH BLAH. Completely ignoring my issue and not helping in the least.

The next person started with telling me how useless smart quotations are, but finished with saying I was the problem, I was the one messing the formatting up and… basically, that I was wasting their time. Very polite, very useful response /sarcasm font.

This community is one of the most toxic and least helpful I have ever encountered in my writing journey. I have been monitoring the posts and have now posted twice, both times asking fairly simple questions and getting outright rude and useless responses. This place is NOT the place to get answers. There also seems to be many users who are either offering BAD advice and/or outright WRONG advice and/or just being rude to be rude.

If you are a self-published author looking for assistance, I highly suggest seeking a different community. I have had GREAT experiences in online writing groups (on Facebook). Generally the groups there have moderators who make sure all members maintain a certain level of basic human politeness. KDP does not seem to have this feature.

Now, if you’d like a name of Facebook groups I think you should AVOID, send me a message. I’d rather not name them publicly, there are quite a few. Over the last several years I have been monitoring and ‘testing’ a majority of groups.

In my experience, the best Facebook group I’ve found so far is called Writer’s United – Author’s Group. It provides a safe place to ask questions and for the most part even the simplest questions aren’t treated with rudeness (although there may be exceptions to that rule).

I feel like this blog is becoming a self-publishing tips and tricks blog or something. Haha! I just want to help my fellow self-pub authors by sharing the things that worked for me and the things that didn’t.


Peace! ❤