Learning From Mistakes – An Author’s Guide to Recovery

Look, I have bad news. Unfortunate, inescapable news…




Yes! You. You’re human. And part of being human is making mistakes. Some larger than others. Some that will wake you up at 3AM and harass you in every quiet moment of your life. Some that will just fade away and be forgotten.

You are going to carefully dictate a letter to an agent and realize AFTER pressing send that you missed a vital piece of information or a particularly egregious error.

You are going to participate in particularly painful interviews and later ask yourself: WHY DID I DO THAT?

You are going to publish stories that later you will look at and maybe not be so proud of.

You’re going to make Facebook posts, Twitter posts and blog posts that you regret.

The good news is…

It’s okay.

You’re human. Part of being human is making mistakes and learning from them. So long as you don’t skip that learning part, you’ll be fine.

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes on this journey called life and sure I look bad with horror and regret and sometimes I just want to curl up and cry for hours … but I don’t. Because crying and feeling sorry for myself never got me anywhere.

You want the secret to overcoming mistakes?

Forgive. Forget. Do better next time.

That’s the secret.

Also, remember if you mess up REALLY bad, you can always just write under a different pen name. Sure, it’d mean starting over but it’s an option if you make a *Keemstar sized mistake.


And happy writing!

* Keemstar is a YouTuber who earlier this year was raked over the coals for mistakes he has made throughout the years.